Last minute! Start the presale of the Petro PTR Cryptocurrency in Venezuela

In the early hours of the morning the Petro presale was started as the national government had planned, the Petro, is a cryptocurrency designed and promoted by President Maduro to counteract the currency liquidity problems that currently exist and that led to the country being declared in partial default for late payments of debt.

“We formally initiated, in a successful manner, the implementation of our crypto-active, the Petro, and its pre-sale process,” as was the announcement of Vice-President Tareck El Aissami, in a statement from Miraflores.

At that time, the private pre-sale planned for February 20 was officially launched, at which 38.4 million petros will be offered, on an issue of 100 million, which will be extended until March 19.

The initial public offer of 44 million is scheduled for March 20 and the rest, 17.6 million, will be reserved by the State.

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